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PT Duit Orang Tua (“We” or “Company” or “RoomMe”) is a limited liability company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, domiciled in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, in this case as the owner, operator and organizer of the RoomMe platform which provides virtual boarding room (kost) marketing services through desktop websites and mobile websites www.roomme.id (“ROOMME Website”), ROOMME mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms (“ROOMME Mobile Apps”) and various access, media, devices and other platforms, both those that already exist or will be available in the future (hereinafter individually or jointly referred to as “Platforms”). By accessing and using the Platform, you declare that you have read, understood, agreed and stated that you are in compliance with these Term and Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you are unable to agree to these Term and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, we advise you not to access this Platform or use the services that are available. Accordingly, these Term and Conditions and Privacy Policy constitute a binding agreement between you and us in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations You hereby declare and warrant that you are an individual who has the right and competence to enter into a binding agreement under the applicable laws in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia in connection with the use of the Platform including but not limited to being 18 (eighteen) year of age or older, whichever We do not need further proof. If not, then We have the right to at any time block Your Account or stop all services that you use.


Content published on this website including but not limited to names, design, trademarks, digital downloads, images, texts, graphics, logos is the intellectual property of RoomMe and/or its content creators and is protected by copyrights, brands, patent and other intellectual property rights available under the law of Republic of Indonesia. The entire presented content found on this website is the exclusive property of RoomMe, born solely from its creators, with copyright authorship for this compilation by RoomMe. Any duplication, distribution, manufacture of derivative works, sales or offers to sell, partial or complete appearance, and use of applications and / or services, whether digitally or otherwise that deviates from these Terms and Conditions, as well as the intended use by us, constitutes a violation of our intellectual property rights. Any violation of these copyrights and laws can and will result in a court summons.


To maximize your experience with RoomMe, We employ the use of cookies. By accessing www.roomme.id, you are agreeing to use cookies in agreement with RoomMe’s Privacy Policy. “Cookies” are alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your hard drive or memory card through a web browser when you visit the Platform. This allows our own system to recognize you when you return to the Platform and improve our service to you. This information is used to track usage of our Platform visitors and compile statistical reports regarding Platform activities. If you want to reject our cookies, you can configure your web browser to do so. However, it is possible that some features in the Service Platform do not work if you delete cookies from your web browser. If you do not enable cookies, you may not be able to access important functions or features on the Platform, and you may only be able to use the Platform limited. You hereby release our responsibility for the unavailability of certain features on the Platform, in connection with the deactivation of cookies in your web browser          

License and site access

As part of RoomMe’s community and member, We grant you a limited license to access and make personal use of this website. However, you are not allowed to download or modify any content. This may be done only with written consent from us.

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You and or visitors may post content as long as it is not of obscene nature, illegal, malicious, threatening, infringing of intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy, offends ethnicity, race and religion and/or injurious in any other way to any third parties. Content has to be free of software viruses, political campaign, and commercial solicitation. We reserve all rights (but not the obligation) to remove and/or change any content suspected to violate the rules above. When you post your content, you grant RoomMe non-exclusive, royalty-free and full right to use, reproduce, publish, modify such content throughout the world in any media.

Content liability

RoomMe does not warrant that your use of the Services will be uninterrupted or error-free; nor prevent a Security Threat or Cyber-attack; nor that the Services will meet your requirements. We are not responsible for any delays, delivery failures, or any otherloss or damage resulting from the provision of services, and you acknowledge that the services may be subject to limitations, delays and other problems inherent in the use of such IT and communications facilities, including Security Threat and Cyber-attack.

User Account To register your property on the listing and to book your kost space, you are required to make a user account on RoomMe. For the purpose of registering your user account (“Your Account”), We will collect and process your personal information, including but not limited to your name, e-mail address, and your cellular phone number when you register. You understand that : 

1. You must provide complete, accurate and current information. You hereby agree to provide us with proof of identification that We may request for a clear reason. 

2. By registering, you declare that you have: 
(a) Fill in the data correctly, completely, accurately and up-to-date about yourself in accordance with what We request;
(b) Update the data if there is a change in your personal data to maintain the accuracy and up-to-date of your data;
(c) Approve the use and management of your personal data by us, including but not limited to disclosure to government agencies and agencies insofar as required and based on applicable laws, and if according to our belief that your use violates the law and the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations;
(d) Protect our rights in connection with intellectual property rights and other rights attached to us;
(e) Comply with all applicable legal provisions in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. 

3. After you have Your Account, you are not allowed to transfer Your Account in any way to another party. You must maintain the security of Your Account that you have and you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your private user details (username and password). You are responsible for all activities that occur under Your Account or password. 

4. In the event that Your Account has been taken over by another party without your knowledge and consent, you can immediately report to us. All forms of transaction abuse or control carried out by Your Account will remain your responsibility. 

5. We have all the rights to temporarily block, delete, deactivate Your Account or suspend and / or terminate your access to the Platform at our sole discretion and for any reason without giving any reasons before blocking, deleting or deactivating Your Account. The reasons for blocking, deleting or deactivating Your Account include, but are not limited to : a. Violation or non-compliance with our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and applicable laws;
b. Fraud or theft (or indications or suspicions of fraud or theft);
c. Suspicion of a criminal act or a violation (fraud);
d. You and/or other parties, which based on our consideration will cause loss and/or damage to us, our affiliates or third parties who have an agreement with us;
e. Based on our consideration, the Platform is misused to violate the applicable legal provisions in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia committed by you and/or third parties;
f. You provide inaccurate, false or misleading information;
g. Performing improper acts, threats, or insults to ROOMME or other parties that can affect the reputation of ROOMME; h. Refuse to provide information that We need for Your Account registration needs; i. There are technical problems that affect ROOMME`s internal system;
j. There are provisions that require it based on applicable legal provisions;