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PT Duit Orang Tua ("We" or "Company" or "RoomMe") is a limited liability company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, domiciled in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, in this case as the owner, operator and organizer of the RoomMe platform which provides virtual boarding room (kost) marketing services through desktop websites and mobile websites www.roomme.id ("ROOMME Website"), ROOMME mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms ("ROOMME Mobile Apps") and various access, media, devices and other platforms, both those that already exist or will be available in the future (hereinafter individually or jointly referred to as "Platforms"). By accessing and using the Platform, you declare that you have read, understood, agreed and stated that you are in compliance with these Term and Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you are unable to agree to these Term and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, we advise you not to access this Platform or use the services that are available. Accordingly, these Term and Conditions and Privacy Policy constitute a binding agreement between you and us in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations You hereby declare and warrant that you are an individual who has the right and competence to enter into a binding agreement under the applicable laws in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia in connection with the use of the Platform including but not limited to being 18 (eighteen) year of age or older, whichever We do not need further proof. If not, then We have the right to at any time block Your Account or stop all services that you use.



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